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Stage 3

Song of Sounds Stage 3 is aimed Year 2 children. It covers Letters and Sounds Phase  6 with some revision of the earlier stages. Stage 3 provides a full teaching programme for year 2  including...

  • Alternative graphemes to represent phonemes
    • ey y ie (making the /ee/ sound)
    • s se ce (making the /s/ sound)
    • ge dge g (making the /j/ sound)
    • kn gn nn (making the /n/ sound)
    • le el al (making the /l/ sound)
    • a ar ore (making the /or/ sound)
    • s ti ci (making the /sh/ sound)
    • wr (r) wh (w) ph (f)
    • o (u) a (o) or (er)
  • Learning to read and spell a range of common exception words
  • Reading and spelling multi-syllabic words
  • Adding es
  • Adding suffixes ed ing er est
  • Adding suffixes ment ness less ly
  • Contractions
  • Homophones and near homophones
  • Differentiated spelling homework to match each teaching point
  • Rigorous assessment points throughout the programme which help identify the pace of the programme and any intervention or support needed for individual pupils