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Stage 3

Song of Sounds Stage 3 is aimed at Year 2 children. It covers Letters and Sounds Phase  6 with some revision of the earlier stages. Stage 3 provides a full teaching programme for year 2  including...

  • Alternative graphemes to represent phonemes
    • ey y ie (making the /ee/ sound)
    • s se ce (making the /s/ sound)
    • ge dge g (making the /j/ sound)
    • kn gn nn (making the /n/ sound)
    • le el al (making the /l/ sound)
    • a ar ore (making the /or/ sound)
    • s ti ci (making the /sh/ sound)
    • wr (r)
    • o (u) a (o) or (er)
  • Learning to read and spell a range of common exception words
  • Reading and spelling multi-syllabic words
  • Adding es
  • Adding suffixes ed ing er est
  • Adding suffixes ment ness less ly
  • Contractions
  • Homophones and near homophones
  • Differentiated spelling homework to match each teaching point
  • Rigorous assessment points throughout the programme which help identify the pace of the programme and any intervention or support needed for individual pupils and helps teachers to allocate decodable reading books for pupils

Our clear sequence of progression (see below) shows which GPCs, tricky words and key skills we teach term-by-term.