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Stage 2

Song of Sounds Stage 2 is aimed Year 1 children. It covers Letters and Sounds Phase  5 with some revision of the earlier stages. Stage 2  provides a full teaching programme for year 1 including...

  • Alternative graphemes to represent phonemes 
    • ay ai and a-e
    • ee ea and e-e
    • igh ie and i-e
    • ow oa and o-e
    • oo ew and u-e
    • oy and oi
    • or aw and au
    • er ur and ir
    • ou and ow (clown)
    • air and are
  • Learning to read and spell a range of common exception words
  • Reading and spelling CVC, CVCC and CCVC, CCVCC, CCCVC and CCCVCC words
  • Reading and spelling multi-syllabic words
  • Alphabetical order
  • Letter names
  • Upper case and lower case letters
  • Reading and writing sentences
  • Real and nonsense words
  • Preparation for and ideas for the implementation of the Year 1 phonics screening test
  • Rigorous assessment points throughout the programme which help identify the pace of the programme and any intervention or support needed for individual pupils