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About the Programme

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Invigorate your phonics teaching with Song of Sounds, a creative, engaging phonics programme that meets the diverse learning needs of your class!


What is Song of Sounds? 

Song of Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme which runs from EYFS to Year 2.  The programme teaches children to read and write by introducing children to the sounds that they can hear in words (phonemes) and their written equivalent (graphemes).

Children learn to blend sounds together to read words and segment words in order to spell them.

Song of Sounds is also a multi-sensory phonics programme. It is hands on and interactive with music, movement and practical activities at its core, to ensure children enjoy the phonics learning process.  The programme ensures that children become fluent readers and knowledgeable spellers by the end of Key Stage 1.

Key features of the programme...

  • Multi-sensory with kinaesthetic, auditory and visual activities that reinforce skills through a variety of learning styles making it ideal for all pupils, including pupils with SEND or with English as a second language.
  • Song is integral to the programme to help children remember every phoneme, a highly active approach with whole-body actions and lots of games to aid learning.
  • Carefully differentiated, contains support and challenge tips to cater for every child in the classroom.
  • GPCs and tricky words are taught in clearly-defined, incremental sequence and constantly revised and consolidated throughout the programme 
  • Decodable readers are carefully matched to the children's secure knowledge guided by regular assessment
  • Bring phonics to life with a fresh, lively, hands-on approach to teaching phonics with engaging, interactive activities that reinforce learning.
  • Created and developed in the classroom by teachers, Liz Webster and Sue Reed, whose school consistently sees 93%+ in the phonics screening check